Welcome to Whitstable Lifeboat Station


Number of shouts this year: 56

Last Shout: Red Flare- 7th November 2016

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Whitstable Pager  

Would you like to know when we or any other  RNLI lifeboat goes out on a shout?

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Select the stations you wish to follow - and when the crew gets the call, you will too.

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Saving Lives At Sea

It costs around £410,00 per day to run the RNLI, all of which is generously donated by the public

Our kit alone costs:

  • Drysuit - £750.00
  • Undersuit - £225.00
  • Lifejacket - £368.00
  • Helmet - £198.00

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In an emergency call 999 and ask for the coastguard


The RNLI relies on the genorosity of of the public to be able to continue its work.

To find out how you can help by joining the RNLI please click here

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea

 Telephone Us 01227 263581       Email Us info@whitstablelifeboat.org.uk  
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