In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

Date 6th July 2015
Casualty Angling dinghy
Wind SW 2
Launch time 0613
Recovery Time 0704
Crew Craig Sidders, Robin Nicholls, Steve Wynn, Oz Warren
The lifeboat launched to assist a 16 foot fishing boat with engine problems ½-mile off the Kings Hall, Herne Bay.

The lifeboat arrived at the scene and took the craft and its two occupants under tow to the entrance to Herne Bay Harbour.

The occupants of the craft were able to restart their engine, and as the water was of insufficient depth for the lifeboat to reach the harbour ramp, the vessel made its own way ashore. The engine however failed again just a few feet from the shore but the vessel was able reach the ramp to be met by the Herne Bay Coastguard.