In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

Date: 4th October 2015

Wind: NE SSW 2

Launch Time: 16.32

Recovery Time: 17.20

Crew: Craig Sidders, Dave Parry, Robin Nichols, Andy Williams

The coastguard requested the lifeboat to launch to assist an 18′ angling boat broken down off Herne Bay.

The three occupants had been fishing all day, but when they tried to start their outboard engine to return ashore the starter motor had failed. Although they had a standby emergency engine, that too developed a fault.

The lifeboat crew located the dinghy 3.5 miles NW of Herne Bay. It was taken under tow, with the occupants still aboard, and landed ashore at Herne Bay Harbour, where Herne Bay Coastguard was standing by to assist.