In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

Date 28th June 2015
Casualty Kayaker
Wind SW 2
Launch time 0830 (on exercise)
Recovery Time 1018
Crew Craig Sidders, John Skinner, Dan Monk, Liam Sidders
Whilst already at sea on a routine training exercise, the lifeboat was diverted to a report of a kayaker thought to be in difficulties off Minnis Bay. He was some distance offshore and concern had been expressed for his safety.

On arrival the lifeboat crew found that the kayak was was not in need of any assistance. The craft was in good order and of a type suitable for use at sea, and the occupant was carrying appropriate safety equipment and was not in need of any assistance.

The lifeboat therefore returned to station with the call being deemed a false alarm, with good intent.