In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

Lord Mayor of Canterbury Cllr George Metcalfe and Lady Mayoress Lillian Metcalfe visited Whitstable Lifeboat Station on Sunday 7th May as one of their final duties in their year of office.

They were shown around the station and the Atlantic 85 Lifeboat by Mike Judge, Lifeboat Operations Manager and Diane Randall, acting Chairman of the Fund Raising Branch and met and chatted with members of the crew and branch before watching the lifeboat launch on an exercise.

Said Cllr Metcalfe ‘I had much wanted to visit our brilliant RNLI station in Whitstable to see for myself the training its dedicated volunteer crews go through which enables them to turn out day or night in any kind of weather to rescue countless lives all year round. I was also astonished to learn how fast these highly specialised rib lifeboats can travel. At over 30 mph our lifeboatmen can get all the way to the Isle of Sheppey, a distance of miles in only eight minutes’.

‘Although the lifeboat was launched on exercise rather than a real emergency it was in quite rough seas and happily the crew returned safely’.

Lord Mayor of Canterbury Cllr George Metcalfe and Lady Mayoress Mrs Lillian Metcalfe with Alex Quan, Jason Collins, Vicky Kypta, Diane Randall, Mike Judge and Ray Davies during their visit to the station on Sunday. Picture: RNLI Whitstable