In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

Recent shouts

30th September

Time: 1736

Crew:  Rob Judge, Dan MOnk, Oz Warren, Andy Williams

Shore crew:  John Keam, Mike Keam, Alez Quan, Liam Sidders, Steve Wynn

12m sailing cruiser with 3 p.o.b. out of fuel 2 miles N of Reculver.

Taken in tow by the lifeboat, anchored off Whitstable as there was no access to the harbour due to state of tide.

13th October

Time:  1206

Crew:  Richard Judge, Dave Parry, Matt Bate

Shore crew:  John Keam, Liam Sidders

Launched to assist a windsurfer reported in difficulties 150 yards off Tankerton beach.

On arrival the casualty was found to have been able to make his own way ashore. He reported that he had spent a long time lying on his board whilst suffering from cramp.

16th October

Time: 1255

Crew:  Dave Parry, Richard Judge, Oz Warren, Tim Smith

Shore crew:  Neil Pepper, Alex Quan, Dan Monk, Richard Curtis, Jason Collins

The lifeboat launched to a report of a body floating in the sea 150 yards off Herne Bay. The police and Herne Bay Coastguard were also tasked.

Once on scene the lifeboat commenced a search, but was stood down after around five minutes, as the first informant had been mistaken.