In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

Whitstable lifeboat operations manager Mike Judge explained that “Each year we present in memory of Dave Foreman who was a former crewmember, helmsman and honorary secretary of the station who passed away in 1993 a trophy for what is considered by members of his family to be the best rescue of the year and I will ask Wendy Foreman, Dave’s widow to present the trophy”Rescue of the Year

Whitstable and Margate lifeboats assist motor cruiser

Whitstable Lifeboat was launched at 07.46am on Monday following a report from the UK Coastguard of a 30ft motor cruiser with 2 persons onboard at risk of grounding off Bishopstone Glen, Herne Bay, the initial report coming from off duty coastguard Henry Treadwell who has been out cycling when a spotted the craft’s distress.

The lifeboat crew located the casualty at 8.00am the craft having gone ashore at Bishopstone Glen.

Helmsman Richard Judge said ‘Due to the size of the casualty craft and the north-north easterly force 5-6 wind and 2 metre swell we requested that the Margate ‘all weather’ lifeboat be launched to assist’.

‘Assisted by the Herne Bay Coastguard Rescue Team we passed a tow line and put a lifeboat crewmember onboard and eventually towed the casualty vessel clear of the beach’.

‘On inspection it was found that whilst there had been no significant ingress of water however the motor cruiser had suffered damage to its steering. We handed the tow over to the Margate Lifeboat 3/4-mile offshore who then took the vessel under tow for Whitstable Harbour’.

Just after 10.00am the casualty vessel was secured alongside the west quay and both lifeboat’s were released to return to station.

The motor cruiser had left Canvey Island at 10.00pm the previous evening for a fishing trip and got into difficulties when it lost power off Herne Bay. This was the 9th call of the year for Whitstable’s volunteer lifeboat crews.

Helmsman Richard Judge.
Crew: Dave Parry, Tim Smith, Andy Williams.
Launchers: John Keam, Ben Crosswell, Adrian Woolrich-Burt, Mark Sidders.