In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

There have been three calls on the Whitstable Lifeboat over the weekend.

On Saturday evening the lifeboat was launched at 6.08pm to assist a broken down jet ski with 2 persons onboard about 50-metres from the harbour ramp. The jet ski and it’s occupants were assisted ashore by the lifeboat crew.

On Sunday the lifeboat was launched at 12.03pm following a report of a kayaker assisting an angler on the ‘Whitstable Street’ shingle bank.

The lifeboat arrived at the scene a 1/4-mile off Beach Walk and located the kayaker who had gone to assist the angler who had lost his footing and gone into the water whilst wearing chest wader’s which had become full of water. He was clinging to the stern of the kayak.

The angler was brought onboard the lifeboat and landed ashore at the lifeboat station to be assessed by an ambulance crew who had been requested to attend by Dover Coastguard. There was however there was no need for any medical treatment as the man in his late 30’s who came from London was otherwise unharmed by the experience.

Later on Sunday the lifeboat was launched again at 4.14pm to a report of a swimmer possibly in difficulties off Tankerton.
The lifeboat crew commenced a search from the Tankerton lifeguard post to Long Rock, Swalecliffe and the Herne Bay Coastguard Unit also attended. The lifeboat crew spoke to a swimmer in the reported location who confirmed that all was well and the lifeboat returned to station.

Lifeboat crewmembers involved were: Helmsmen Rob Judge and Dave Parry with crew Tim Smith, Ben Crosswell, Stuart Enderby and Craig Sidders.

Tractor Drivers: Ray Davies and Neil Pepper. Launchers Andy Clarke, Mark and Liam Sidders.

Weather conditions: North Easterly force 2 winds and good visibility.