In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

Whitstable’s Atlantic 85  Lifeboat Lewisco was launched  at 1.26pm on Monday following a report of an upturned dinghy off Herne Bay.

The lifeboat crew located a partially  submerged speedboat drifting a 1/2-mile off the Neptune Jetty. Only part of the foredeck  was above the water.

As the crew were unable to inspect the craft for signs of recent occupation the still submerged vessel was towed ashore for further investigation and landed ashore at the Neptune Jetty into the care of the Herne Bay Coastal Rescue Team.

There was extensive damage to the craft and it was later confirmed by Dover Coastguard that the vessel had collided with a submerged object the previous day (Sunday) and all occupants had been accounted for.

The lifeboat was launched for a second time at 7.29pm to assist the two occupants of an 9-foot inflatable dinghy with a broken down outboard engine a 1/2-mile of Leysdown, Isle of Sheppey. They were unable to make their way back to the shore.

The lifeboat came alongside the craft and the vessel and its occupants brought onboard the lifeboat and returned to the shore where relatives were waiting.

There were no injuries to either of those in the dinghy.

Other information:

Weather :SW 3-4 winds.

Crew: 1st call Dave Parry (Helm) Ben Crosswell, Tim Smith and Andy Williams

Launchers: Andy Clarke, Ray Davies, Vicky Kypta, Ruth Oliver and Michael  Coulson-Tabb.

2nd Call: Richard Judge (Helmsman)  Dave Parry,  Tim Smith and Craig Sidders.

Launchers: Michael Coulson-Tabb, Vicky Kypta, Ben Crosswell and Mark Sidders.