In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

There were two calls on the Whitstable’s Atlantic 85 Lifeboat on Saturday 6th Juy 2019

The lifeboat was launched first at 12.09pm following a report from the UK Coastguard of EPIRB activation (emergency position-indicating radio beacon which signals maritime distress) in the vicinity of Milton Creek in The Swale.

Due to low water the lifeboat searched the area of the creek as far as possible before continuing the search over a wider area and up to Ridham Dock. After searching and nothing being found, the lifeboat was “stood down’ by Dover Coastguard and returned to station.

The lifeboat was launched again later in the day when at 2.53pm crews responded to a report of a jet ski on fire between Herne Bay and Reculver.

The lifeboat arrived in the area and initially nothing was seen, however the Herne Bay National Coastwatch advised the lifeboat crew that the casualty was near to Bishopstone Glen.

Shortly afterwards the crew located the craft on the beach at Beltinge. The two occupants, one male and one female reported that the Jet Ski had suffered an engine fire and had started sinking but had been towed ashore by another jet ski. On investigation of the craft the lifeboat crew found that a rubber hose had split in the engine bay allowing in water.

Assisted by the Herne Bay Coastguard Unit the craft was moved to a ramp on an adjacent t beach and although the ambulance service also attended both occupants of the craft declined medical assistance.

There have now been 16 calls on Whitstable’s volunteer lifeboat crews so far this year.

Crew for both calls included Helmsmen Craig Sidders and Dave Parry with crewmembers Tim Smith, Oz Warren and Chris Branscombe-Ling assisted by tractor driver Andy Clarke and launchers Mark Sidders, Jay Collins,  Ray Davies.

Weather conditions: Northerly force 2 winds, overcast but good visibility.