In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

There have been two calls on the Whitstable Lifeboat in the last three days.

On Saturday the lifeboat was launched at 6.29pm to a report of an orange inflatable drifting out to sea off Beltinge, Herne Bay.

The lifeboat arrived ‘on scene’ and located two persons, one male and one female in their 20’s a 1/2-mile offshore. The two reported that they did not require assistance however the lifeboat escorted them back to the shore.

On Monday the lifeboat was launched at 4.25pm following a report of four persons cut off by the tide at Swalecliffe. The lifeboat crew searched towards Stud Hill however was ‘stood down’ after Lifeboat Operations Manager Mike Judge who was at Swalecliffe had spoken to four persons that had been out on the shingle banks and were thought to be those seen by the first informant.

Both calls were recorded as false alarms with good intent. There have now been 20-calls on the Whitstable volunteer lifeboat crews so far this year.