In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

ate: 17th October 2015

Wind: NE 4-5

Launch Time: 16.20

Recovery Time: 18.00

Crew: Richard Judge, Mike Keam, Robin Nicholls

The lifeboat launched following the sighting by a member of the public of an upturned rigid inflatable boat (RIB) on the beach in the Bishopstone area of Herne Bay.
On arrival the lifeboat the lifeboat crew located the craft near to Bishopstone Glen, but was unable to reach it due to lack of water. The lifeboat therefore commenced a search for any possible occupants of the craft between Bishopstone and Reculver.
Members of Herne Bay Coastguard team subsequently managed to reach the craft and confirmed that it showed no signs of recent occupation, having possibly broken adrift from a mooring.
As there were no reports of anybody missing, the lifeboat was released to return to station.