In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

The Whitstable Atlantic-85 Lifeboat Lewisco and the Margate ‘All weather’ Mersey Class Lifeboat Leonard Kent were launched on in the early hours of Friday morning to assist a 58-foot motor cruiser Lily Louise with 4-persons onboard taking in water off Reculver on the north Kent coast in a combined operation co-ordinated by Dover Coastguard.

Whitstable Lifeboat Helmsman Dave Parry said “This was a good joint operation between the two lifeboats. We launched at 01.18am and located the craft just south of the Copperas Buoy off Reculver about 12-minutes later”.

“We transferred two lifeboat crewmembers and a salvage pump onboard the vessel which was making about 1 knot westward and the lifeboat crew commenced pumping water from the engine room”.

“Margate Lifeboat arrived to assist at 01.58am and took the craft under tow for Whitstable and at around 03.00am the vessel was placed alongside the south quay where the Herne Bay Coastguard and a lifeboat shore party were waiting to assist with the mooring”.

“Margate Lifeboat remained alongside the Lily Louise and continued pumping operations to remove as much water as possible before eventually leaving to return to station”.

The vessels owner Mr Jeff Powell who had just purchased the craft in Ramsgate said “We were on passage from Ramsgate to Galleons Marina on the Thames when we started taking in water off the North Foreland. We were very pleased to see the two lifeboats it was 10 out of 10 for service”.

Weather conditions at the time were south-westerly force 3 winds.

Helmsmen: Dave Parry.

Crew: Rob Judge, Ben Crosswell and Oz Warren.

Launchers and shore party: John Keam (Tractor) Liam Sidders, Andy Williams, Rob Nicholls, Mark Sidders, Alex Quan, Tim Smith and Craig Sidders.

The have now been 52 calls this year for the Whitstable Lifeboat.