In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

Whitstable Lifeboat was launched at 09.53 am on Thursday 30th March to assist the wind farm boat Tempest which had been holed and was taking in water at the Kentish Flats wind farm. There were 6-persons onboard the 21-metre catamaran.

Whitstable Lifeboat helmsman Dave Parry said “We arrived at the scene and two crew and a salvage pump were transferred onboard the vessel to assist the crew, and at this time the Tempest was still impaled on a submerged object”.

“At 10.55am the Sheerness Lifeboat arrived at the scene and also placed their salvage pump and two crewmembers onboard”.

“At just after 11.00am we transferred four wind farm technicians to a nearby wind farm craft that had also been standing by”.

“By 11.50am the Tempest had floated clear of the underwater object and the crews were able to asses the damage and the vessel then made its own way to Whitstable Harbour escorted by both lifeboats and was eventually secured alongside the west quay”.

Both lifeboats were subsequently released from the incident to return to their respective stations. The weather during the incident was good visibility and slight seas in the force 3 wind.

Crew: Dave Parry, Andy Williams, Rob Judge, Adrian Woolrich-Burt
Shore Crew: John Keam (Tractor) Stuart Enderby, Matt Bate, Liam Sidders, Vickt Kypta