In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

A family of three and their dog had to be brought ashore by Whitstable’s Atlantic 85 Lifeboat Lewisco when their craft ran aground on a sandbank in The Swale on Sunday afternoon.

The lifeboat was launched 5.16 pm and the crew consisting of Helmsman Dave Parry, Dan Monk, Craig Sidders and Stuart Enderby located the vessel, a Bayliner 175 Sports Cruiser ‘high and dry’ on The Horse Sand about ¼-mile south west of the Sand End Buoy in the entrance to the Swale.

Two of the crew, Craig and Stuart, made their way from the lifeboat to the casualty vessel ,at times having to crawl through the mud to reach the craft.

After putting out an anchor ,all three occupants and their dog were brought aboard the lifeboat and landed ashore at Whitstable.

The owner of the craft told the lifeboat crew that the family had set off from The Long Reach Ski Club at the Kingsferry Bridge earlier in the afternoon . He said “We had been looking at seals, and had moved closer to their location only to find that our boat started to churn up mud, and then became stuck. All efforts to get off the bank came to no avail”

Their craft was left at anchor to await recovery by the lifeboat later in the night on the flood tide.

The occupants of the craft were unharmed and came from the Bexleyheath area.