In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

Whitstable’s Atlantic 85 Lifeboat Lewisco was launched at 6.30pm on Saturday evening to a report of a speedboat aground on a sandbank at the entrance to Windmill Creek off the Swale on south side of Sheppey.

Two lifeboat crewmembers went  to assist the four occupants of the craft, one male and three females by putting out an anchor after which all were transferred to the lifeboat and landed at the Sheppey side of Harty Ferry.

The speedboat was left at anchor to await recovery on a later tide by its owner.:

Crew: Rob Judge, Dave Parry, Ben Crosswell and Oz Warren.

Launchers: Mark Sidders, Ruth Oliver, Alex Quan and Clive Best.

Weather: Southerly force 1-2 winds.  Good visibility.