In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

Whitstable’s Atlantic 85 Lifeboat Lewisco was launched at 3.19pm on Saturday to assist a yacht in difficulties in the Swale to the east of Conyer Creek.

The lifeboat crew located the casualty vessel a 33-foot sloop at anchor having suffered failure of it’s starter motor. A lifeboat crewmember went onboard to assist and the craft was taken under tow to a nearby mooring.

The two occupants of the yacht which had been on passage from Queenborough to Conyer remained onboard overnight to await a tow into Conyer Creek the following morning.

The lifeboat then returned to station. This was the 5th call of the year for Whitstable’s volunteer lifeboat crews.

Weather WSW 3-4 winds.
Crew: Richard Judge (Helmsman) Rob Judge, Tim Smith and Ben Crosswell.
Launchers: Andy Clarke, Adrian Woolrich-Burt, Vicky Kypta and Alex Quan.