In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

Whitstable Lifeboat was launched at 3.50pm on Sunday after a report of a vessel towing a fishing boat that was unable to manage the tow.

The lifeboat crew proceeded to the last known position of the vessels which were given as Herne Bay Harbour. However no craft were located and the foreshore officer reported that he was unaware of any craft in difficulty.

The lifeboat crew made further checks in the area and as the coastguard were happy that all persons and craft were accounted for the lifeboat was released to return to station.

Crew: Richard Judge (Helmsman) Craig Sidders, Tim Smith and Oz Warren.

Launchers: Ray Davies, Alex Quan, Kellie Gray and Vicky Kypta.

Weather conditions: West south westerly force 2-3 winds.

This was the 27th call of the year for Whitstable’s volunteer lifeboat crews.