In an emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard

Whitstable RNLI’s Atlantic 85 Lifeboat Lewisco was launched at 5.15 on Saturday afternoon to assist the two occupants of a yacht aground on the Horse Sands in the entrance to The Swale off Faversham Creek.

Lifeboat Helmsman Dave Parry said “Initially the report was to a 16-foot dinghy however when we arrived ‘on scene’ the casualty was actually a much larger yacht approximately 28-feet in length high and dry on the sandbank”

“We established contact with the occupants who asked to be taken ashore and lifeboat crewmembers Oz Warren and Chris Branscombe-Ling walked across the mud to the vessel to assist by laying out an anchor then escorting the occupants of the craft to the lifeboat, following which they were landed ashore on the mainland side of Harty Ferry to make their own arrangements to recover the yacht the following day and we then returned to station”.

The lifeboat was launched again over the weekend when on Sunday afternoon at 5.47pm the crew responded to a report of three persons in an inflatable kayak possibly in difficulty 1-mile north of Tankerton Bay Sailing Club.
The Herne Bay Mobile Coastguard Unit was also ‘on scene’ and directed the lifeboat towards the casualty who by now was within the 8-knot zone just off the beach a ½-mile east of the sailing club. Due to low water the lifeboat could not approach the casualty further but kept watch until the craft and its occupants were onshore with the coastguard team. The lifeboat then returned to station.There have now been 33 calls so far this year for Whitstable’s volunteer lifeboat crews.

Other information:
Saturday. Crew: Dave Parry (Helmsman) Ben Crosswell, Oz Warren and Chris Branscombe-Ling. Launchers: Mike Coulson-Tabb (Tractor), Richard Monje and Joe Lovett.
Weather conditions: South westerly force 4 winds, good visibility.

Sunday’s call.
Crew: Tim Smith (Helmsman) Stuart Enderby, Vicky Kypta and Jay Collins. Launchers: Ray Davies (tractor) Richard Monje , Ruth Oliver and Chris Branscombe-Ling.
Weather conditions: South westerly force 4-5 winds, good visibility.